Flat Bed Towing

flatbed towing in st. louis

Now Offering Flat Bed Service! No matter what type of vehicle you have or what condition it is in, we can tow it. Our brand new flat bed service is just what you are looking for to get that beaten down vehicle off your property or out of your garage.

Call us today to see if we can get our flat bed out to you and take care of your problems. Our flat bed truck can handle anything and will gladly come get your vehicle off the road or your property.

Going a long way? Flat bed towing is the best option as your entire vehicle will be secure. One last thing to worry about when transporting your vehicle. For a tow truck in St. Louis, there is no better way to go.

So don’t wait around for some other, unreliable roadside assistance service to show up and overcharge you. Call us today at 314-551-9226

Tow Me St. Louis

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