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TOW ME ST. LOUIS is the area’s most reliable towing service. We have been in the towing business for many years and are your best bet when looking for roadside services and towing in St. Louis. We offer competitive prices and customer service that cannot be beat for towing in St. Louis. We are licensed, insured, and bonded in the State of Missouri. We operate around the clock and will have a tow truck there, to service all of your automotive needs within minutes.

At Tow Me St. Louis we offer far more than just towing. Have a flat? We have you covered. Need us to bring you some fuel? We do that too. How about a dead battery? We’ll give you a jump…no problem. So if you are looking for a tow truck near you, you can put your trust in us.  We also offer repossession services. We repo cars, trucks, bikes, and any other vehicle requiring repossession. We can also store these vehicles in our secure, monitored parking lot. The lot is fenced and under 24 hour surveillance.

Affordable St. Louis Towing Services

Our towing service includes flat bed towing, long distance towing, motorcycle towing, junk car removal, and even boat towing. Basically, there is no tow job that we will not perform. Call us today to have one of our towing specialists help you out of a jam. Our tow truck operators are courteous, helpful, and always there in the nick of time. We will do the job right and efficiently.  This is towing St. Louis deserves.

Flat Bed Towing: Our flat bed tow trucks are designed to fit any size vehicle and can safely tow your vehicle, no matter what shape it is in. There is no load too big for Tow Me.

Long Distance Towing: Whether you need your vehicle towed to the shop up the street or to your grandma’s house in Kansas, we will do it. We are happy to tow your vehicle as far as you would like. Ask about our mileage discounts.

Winching Service: Is your car stuck in the mud or in a snowy ditch? Tow Me will come get you out. Our tow trucks are equipped with a powerful winch that can get you out of anything. So don’t sit there in the mud. Let Tow Me St. Louis get you out of the jam and on your way.

Boat Towing: Need your speed boat towed to storage? We specialize in boat towing and will hlep you every step of the way. It’s a big enough bummer that summer is coming to an end and the boat needs to go bye bye. Let us take the hassle off of your shoulders…they’re probably sun burnt already.

Roadside Assistance: We offer many popular roadside services including:
Flat tire repair/replacement
Dead Battery Service
Lock out Service
Gas/Fuel Delivery

Repossession Service: We offer professional repossession and recovery service. We store all vehicles in our secure, fenced lot that is under 24 hour surveillance.

Our prices are extremely competitive and you won’t find a more reliable towing service in the St. Louis area. Call us to set up a tow or to request emergency roadside assistance. There is no job that we cannot handle. Towing St. Louis is our life.

We know that there are many options in the St. Louis area when you need automotive assistance. Tow Me St. Louis works hard to maintain our excellent reputation and we only hire the best tow truck technicians. We want to be your “go to” tow service and we go the extra mile to assure that you receive the best service possible. There is no job too big or difficult for us to handle.  For Towing in St. Louis, accept no substitue.

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towing st. louis

Tow Me St. Louis

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The Reviews are In! A Towing Service St. Louis Loves

“Tow Me St. Louis really helped me out of a big mess. I slid my husband’s F150 off the road and into a ditch on a snowy night. I called them, and it seemed like they were there in 15 minutes. Impressive on a busy night I’m sure”

 —Gretchen R. St. Louis, MO

“I wasn’t aware that tow truck drivers were so friendly. This guy showed up and turned my awful day around. Nice to know there are still people who take pride in a job well done”

—Terry P Arnold, MO

“I was looking for a tow truck near me and found these guys at the top of Google. I guess there’s a reason certain companies are at the top. They showed up in 10 minutes and hooked me up. Great response!”

—Abigail M. St. Louis, MO

towing st. louis

Premier St. Louis Towing Service

Need a tow? Look no further than Tow Me St. Louis! We are a professional towing service that operates 24/7, 365 days a year. We have the experience and equipment necessary to handle any tow truck situation, big or small. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tow!

We can’t wait to help you out of a jam.  Our tow truck technicians are highly trained and professional.  No matter what your problem is, Tow Me St. Louis can handle it.

Frequently Asked Questions at Tow Me St. Louis

Check online to see if your vehicle has been towed by the city of St. Louis or whichever municipality your car was parked in.  You can also call (314) 383-7546.  Also, if you were parked in a private lot, check to see if there is any signage posted for the company that handles the towing services for that particular business or parking lot.

“If you can establish that your vehicle was towed unjustly, there may be avenues for having your charges dismissed, either through local law enforcement or the judicial system. Even in cases where your parking was in violation, you may explore options for financial relief, including pro bono legal support, community initiatives, or obtaining loans.

Regardless of any stipulation in sections 304.155 to 304.159, towing companies are prohibited from imposing a vehicle storage fee that surpasses seventy-five dollars per day. Furthermore, these companies can only bill vehicle owners for days when the storage facility is operational and accessible for vehicle retrieval.

The expense of towing a vehicle is primarily determined by the distance it must be towed. Rates can fluctuate, and individuals should anticipate costs ranging from $70 to $300. Additionally, it’s important to consider that several factors can influence the overall price of a car tow, including vehicle type, drivetrain, size, and how easily it can be secured to the tow truck.

Well, Tow Me St. Louis obviously!  That’s right.  We provide a full line of roadside assistance services in the St. Louis area, including flat tires, dead battery, and lock out service.  We also can provide you with fuel to quickly get you on your way.

A Flatbed Tow Truck refers to a custom-designed vehicle utilized for the transportation of cars or trucks. In this type of tow truck, the operator lowers the truck bed to ground level, loads the disabled vehicle onto the bed using a winch, and then raises the bed back into the driving position.  Tow Me St. Louis provides flat bed towing at a reasonable rate.

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